Sustainable development is key to building a better, environmentally friendly, future.

Broadoak Developments’ homes meet the criteria set out by Part L of the building regulations, and are able to offer customers further choice towards sustainable development and self sufficiency:

Sustainable technology:

  • Solar panels are becoming commonplace in and around the UK, helping the environment, creating sustainable communities and saving home owners money.  However, there are many other technologies that can be utilised within a development and Broadoak Developments can fulfil the requirements of the most environmentally conscious home owner.
  • Options range from solar panels, through to ground source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting, wind turbines and air source heat loss recovery systems.
  • All properties are designed with energy efficiency in mind, including the latest standards of building design and insulation.

Sustainable house prices:

  • Using sustainable technologies to meet the higher levels of the sustainability code has a direct benefit on your home’s value.  As fuel costs continue to rise, property owners are looking to reduce their use of fossil fuels.  If your new home is economical to run, it enhances its desirability and sale price to a new purchaser.

Broadoak Developments’ sustainability options

  • In all our building projects, we are looking to work closely with our clients to examine areas where they are seeking to help the environment and save operating costs in their homes.  We offer solutions to meet those needs, using the correct sustainable building technology.